Fire Wood For Sale $$

Cords Will Not Last Call Now!




  • Free Delivery in the Surrounding towns of:
    • Ayer Shirley
    • Lunenburg Lancaster
    • Leominster Pepperell
    • Pepperell Littleton
    • Acton Harvard
  • Cords and Half Cords Available for Delivery
    • Hand cut and stacked with care!
    • Avg width 18"-20"
    • Seasoned Firewood - 18+mths drying
    • Cut ready to burn no need to split
  • Free Kindling will be provided with every order :-)
  • Stacking of Wood - Additional Charge
    • Time is money and we will stack upon request.
    • $Extra Charge$ stacking in your garage or reasonably accessible spot in short walking distance.
      • *Add'l chrg for longer distances or difficult stacking tasks.

100% Guaranteed to Burn

"It's wood and all wood burns under proper circumstances"

Keys to successful burning of wood in your Fireplace

  • Establish a base to burn fire.

    • Use a fire starter like DuraFlame Starter

    • Have lots of kindling.

    • Start with smaller pieces of wood to get the fire started.

    • Stack pieces of wood in cross section leave space for air to circulate.
  • Ensure air is circulating near Fireplace.
    • Well sealed homes in winter will make it difficult to get a fire started.
    • Open a Window or Door to draft air in to get the fire started.
    • Once, the fire is established you can close the window or door.
  • Feed the fire.
    • Once established stir the existing logs for even burning.
    • Add logs and be careful to keep spacing so as not to smother the fire.
    • Use Kindling to re-spark a fire by placing on embers.
    • When you have lots of Hot Embers - you can feed the fire with larger pieces of wood.